Adulterated honey

Sneaking in Sugar and Corn Syrup

While we all expect all honey to be a healthy, nutritious and well-considered food, we’re all given the wrong idea by the commercial food industry, once again…  Most part of mass produced honey is actually adulterated to a level that makes is questionable whether it’s really even healthier than high fructose substances like corn syrup.

Adulterated honey, or ‘funny honey’ called in the bee industry, is cheapened to become sweet and more easy to sell. Since honey naturally crystallizes pretty fast, it is mostly processed by heating and pasteurizing it for commercial purposes. This commercial, processed honey is almost empty of its many minerals, nutrients and pollen as they are ‘sucked out’ of the natural substance.

And even though authorities such as the FDA  decided that it’s not permitted to label honey with added sugar and corn syrup as ‘pure honey’, there are multiple ways to for honey producers to by-pass these regulations. While FDA sets standards for the USA, most honey available in the USA is imported and their sources are almost untraceable because of their limited documentation. Besides the honey that’s imported, also the honey produced in the U.S. is often adulterated as they’re not directly added with sweeteners but effected in their natural process.

While beekeepers are supposed to take care of a certain volume of honey to leave for their bees to feed of, many commercial beekeepers have gotten greedy and are nowadays taking all the honey away from the bees and feeding them with high-fructose corn syrup instead. This weakens the honeybee’s immune system dramatically and even leads to certain genes not getting activated in the bees. As a matter of fact, this also even changes the honey to a mixture of honey and high fructose corn syrup instead of the natural pure honey we expect it to be.

To make sure you’re eating pure, healthy and nutritious honey, it’s vital to check the honey’s sources. Get to know your local beekeepers or find producers who allow to track their record, because researching where you’re honey comes from is not unneeded.

At BeezZ we check our sources as well. Our raw honeys have been refined carefully and used in well-controlled manufacturing processes in order to keep the natural properties intact and as good as possible. All of our honeys – just like all of our other natural ingredients and final manufactured drinks – undergo a quality check and a quality assurance process before, during and after manufacturing in order to assure BeezZ drinkers that this is a unique, high quality, organic honey drink.



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