Mushrooms, perhaps the hero of the bees

September 20, 2019 /

While honey bee populations keep on declining as a result of the colony collapse disorder (CCD), scientists are looking for solutions to the various conditions that are assumed to be the cause of the CCD.  This search of scientists worldwide seem to have paid off, now they’ve found an ally in a widely-distributed mushroom. Two…

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What’s organic food?

September 10, 2019 /

One of BeezZ’ assets is that it’s made from organic ingredients. Even though choosing for a drink made of organic ingredients like BeezZ, naturally feels like making the right choice, the definition of the term ‘organic’ sometimes remains a little unclear. Until the beginning of the industrialization – when a large surplus of products which deemed…

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Evolving bees

August 10, 2019 /

Bees in both the United States and Europe, seem like they are starting to evolve as a respond to the Varroa mite that has been decimating their populations by spreading a damaging virus. A study of wild honey bees living in forests near Ithaca shows that bees rapidly evolved resistance through natural selection. DNA samples…

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