Hey honey where are you from?

You would describe honey probably as a sweet, sugary and viscous substance that’s produced by bees or other related insects. But have you ever heard of the differences in honey? In fact, there are more than 300 varieties of honey, differing in flower source, taste, area they come from and go so on.

Different categories describe how the substance is extracted and processed, whether it’s raw or processed and from which flower or area it comes from.
The following categories describe how the liquid is extracted and processed and thus if it’s raw or not:

  • Comb Honey isn’t processed but taken directly from the hive beeswax comb.
  • Liquid Honey is extracted from the hives by cutting the wax capping, processing the combs in an extractor and removing the honey from the cells by means of centrifugal force.
  • Granualted Honey is powdered honey which is made by means of drying or freezing the honey to draw out the water.
  • Creamed Honey is a blend of granulated honey and nine parts liquid honey which has been stored at around 57 degrees.
  • Chunk honeyis comb honey that has been stored in a jar and poured over by liquid honey.

Some of the major honeys categorized by flower source, are the following:

  • Honey from the alfalfa flower; comes in white or light-amber colours and is considered as a honey suited for every day use.
  • Honey from avocado flowers; is usually darker, have a rich buttery taste and are generally used in dressings and sauces.
  • Blueberry honey; is not with blueberries added, like often assumed, but from the blueberry flower, has a (light-)amber colour and a well-rounded flavour making it great for sauces and baking.
  • Honey from buckwheat, is dark brown, has a strong distinct flavour and is often used for barbeque sauce and baking.
  • Clover honey; is very light coloured, has a delicate taste and is used as ‘table honey’’.

Did you know there are so many varieties when it comes to ‘just’ honey?


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