Introduction BeezZ Drinks Q2 – 2020

Unique BeezZ Honey drinks made with a special mix of 3 organic, raw honeys and fresh, organic, natural ingredients. We have refined our organic honeys using large filter membranes at low pressure and at low temperatures.

Time for tea?
Natural, globally sourced ingredients are delicately combined, resulting in delightful flavours and the added benefit of low calories. This might seem too good to be true – but that is exactly what has been achieved with BeezZ Honey Brewed Teas.
So here we have 100% real brewed infusion green tea, beautifully combined with three BeezZ world class organic raw honeys, sustainably produced with care and love, especially when they are completed with delicate flavours of the east, and served ice cold!

Isn’t nature fascinating?
There’s a world of wonder out there and we believe we have captured nature’s essence, fusing special and carefully selected organic botanical extracts with BeezZ world class organic raw honey, lovingly and sustainably produced.
Add a hint of natural flavours and there you have it: nature has done it again, contributing to a range of very special, unique, low-calorie and natural ice-cold drinks. What a choice and they are all yours!

Honey has been enjoyed for centuries but never quite like this.
We believe we have captured the spirit of our tiny buzzing friends and produced a unique and exciting range of naturally flavoured organic fruit drinks, combined with what is arguably the world’s best organic raw honey. And all this, based on our sustainable, planet-friendly principles.
Nothing added, nothing taken away – when we say pure, we mean pure!

Why BeezZ
Preserve Agricultural Diversity
The Bee population is disappearing at an alarming rate. Bees are responsible for the pollination of 70 of the 100 food crops, which feed 90% of the world. Additionally, other plants and insects depend on bees and a single bee colony can pollinate 300 million flowers each day.
However, it is estimated that approx. 75% of the genetic diversity of agricultural crops has been lost in the last 100 years, while diversity is critical to survival. Thankfully, many organic farms use crop rotation (variation of agriculture crops).

Why Organic
Support organic farming
Buying organic drinks is an investment for the future. In many countries, conventional farming is subsidised. Consuming organic drinks supports the well-being of our children and all people, especially the farmers.


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